Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Drafting

(Part one of a two part series)

On Saturday morning, after I tidied up from the big storm that hit the evening before, rounded up the kids and their hats, found some food and clothing, packed up the dogs and their food, fed every other living creature in our care, hung a load of washing and packed the kids swags, we headed down to the property for the weekend.

Not sure if you could tell, but I was tired before I got there!

I forgot my DSLR, but had my phone, which did a great job photographically, and MUCH lighter to carry around.

We walked the cows down the lane way to the yards, the kids came along on the back of the four wheeler, and then ran along behind the cows. As blue dogs go, they weren't very obedient. Voice somewhat hoarse and blood pressure up a little before they understood the whistles and hand signals.

2012-01-14 11.07.132012-01-14 11.08.06 We ended up giving this little fellow, not long born, a lift to the yards.

2012-01-14 11.54.18  Dad took this photo of mum and the ringers. One of those perfectly charming shots. And you know what? I bought myself a new work hat, a felt akubra "cowboy" hat. It doesn't feel as good as this old floppy $10 number from Kmart. Although it probably would stay on my head better when belting around on the bike.

We drafted the cows from the calves, and the kids entertained themselves....

2012-01-14 13.38.31Evidently exhausting work, entertaining oneself!

1326516685090In the middle of drafting, as the empty yards became full, we stopped, counted out the drafted cows and let them back into the laneway, making more room for their mates to follow. We count them so we know if all of the cows have come in from the paddock, and if we are short we know we have to go back and look at the paddock again.

2012-01-14 12.12.03 After lunch (and reading Where's Wally, a much loved book received at Christmas)  we went back to finish drafting, and big storm came over...thankfully I had left all electronic devices at the house AND taken off my work boots and replaced them with plastic croc like shoes, I must have known something as it poured rain. Wet to the skin...but we soldiered on, dripping around in our wet clothes and finished the job.

Kids thought it was great fun. As they do, anytime getting wet AND muddy is permitted!

Back later with Part Two, The Branding.


  1. Phones take great shots these days! Green-shirted child is highly amusing in her relaxing pose!

  2. Beautiful photos of the kids and cows, in agriculture with all the help, I know it too!
    Greetings from Germany by Wilma

  3. Angus seems to have been caught not at his best in the family shot. But that's alright ... Mum's looking good! We've one more small paddock to do this weekend, hopefully an easy job. Pleased to see other kids walking behind cattle, Matthew often wonders what people would think if they saw us, me on a pushbike really took the cake the other day! I've seen it all now he muttered, I've seen it all. (They were only milkers, it shouldn't count).
    Eagerly awaiting Part 2.

  4. Great to see kids outside having fun.


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