Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dodgy birthday cakes, the #9 edition

Amazingly, my biggest girl turned nine on the weekend, how can that be, that I have a NINE year old, who is in year four at school?!

She scored two birthday cakes, one to share with family on the weekend, and one to share with her little mates at school. We are no longer a 10 student school, the population around the lunch table has swelled to seventeen. Which means a fairly sizeable cake for morning tea birthdays!

IMG_2180the first one, a "giant cupcake" I think looked like a giant boob. Perhaps with green icing and the handy smartie scattered over, it might look a little more cupcake like.

The second cake employed the smartie, although not with a lot of thought or artistry.

IMG_2201kids didn't complain, cake, icing and smarties, what else could a mob of kids want to get them a sugar fix?!

IMG_2206And all of a sudden she didn't look so grown up anymore.

On her actual birthday, on the Sunday, we went down to our favourite swimming hole, meeting uncles and aunties and cousins and granma's there for smoko. Granma brought a blow up boat along.

IMG_2188They had a ball trying to row, getting in and falling out.

IMG_2193  Their father claimed that none of them would be getting a call to join a rowing or sculling team any time soon.

Meanwhile, Wally the Dog had his first meeting with his dad, Alfie. It was a typical father and teenage son gathering. Some growling and showing of teeth occurred, and quite a bit of wrassling and rolling about.


   IMG_2197And despite its dogdgi-ness and boob like appearance it was still cake, and was gobbled up. One spoilt big nine year old girl.


  1. Nine!!!! Wow, she is growing up!

    I think you did a great job with the cakes, they both look as they should if you ask me!

  2. I think it definately looks like a big boob because of the colour of the icing...glad you didn't pop a big smartie on top for you know what...!!!! Lucky girl with 2 cakes and a day out with the family and cousins....

  3. I've given up on cakes for school with numbers swelling to 28 at our now huge school. Ten to seventeen is quite an impressive increase!

    I think the cakes are beautiful, not boob-like at all ... unless you have terraced boobs of course.

    Tearful phonecall from my big girl last night to say they weren't allowed out this weekend. Mother's heading to town today (was going anyway) to sort situation out! Think she may have to go back in for the day Sunday for some activities ... bugger!

    Happy birthday to Kate.
    We have one next week! Haven't thought about cake yet, undoubtedly smarties will be involved.


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