Thursday, January 5, 2012

perhaps I should stop trying...


my girls had an exciting day in this case, cleaning out their room. And I forsee some exciting times ahead for myself when I build up the intestinal fortitude and motivation to clean out my wardrobe(s).

Would be even more exciting would be to find that some of the discoveries still fitted however given that we have been soldiering through a whole left over trifle from New Years Eve, not to mention the odd rum ball or ten, that is highly unlikely!


  1. Sharon, I feel your pain. All our Xmas goodies seem to finally be finished with and I've an extra mid-section roll to prove it. I'd vowed to start the new year in a most healthy manner, but have already been broadsided. As always, I'll try again Monday! (after yet another social gathering this weekend).

  2. discover is my middle name :)


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