Saturday, January 14, 2012

engineering degree optional but advised

the other day, after the kids finally tidied up, I promised to help build a christmas lego gift.

Help isn't really the right word. I did the work, they helped me, and ducked for cover when mum started swearing.

IMG_2014They weren't the only ones that were happy when it was done. How can such a small thing to take so long to put to-bloody-gether?!

IMG_2019and who designs the expressions on their faces?! the one in the cart looks to be very wicked!

one way to while away the hours of a stinking hot afternoon. At least I was in the airconditioning!

Now, off topic: e-readers? what are your thoughts and experiences, dear blog readers?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, last year my SIL and I spent an entire afternoon constructing The Five Year Old's lego, in then end we were quite protective of the construction!

  2. Now now...I LOVE LEGO!!! I was in heaven in the lego store in Disneyland. Bought myself...I mean the kids some goodies :)

    And e-reader... it starts with "i" !!!!


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