Sunday, May 13, 2012

day two

I'd never get a job at a newspaper writing headlines that is for sure.

We all slept soundly by the river, lulled by the breeze and the sound of rippling water, and the calls of night birds. No one got out of bed at a ridiculous hour, it was a bit crispy, but oh so clear, when we did emerge tousle haired from our swags.

IMG_0809IMG_0810first order of the day was to stoke the fire and have a coffee.  Then we decided that a morning stroll before breakfast was in order, the boys keen to see the waterfalls and rock  holes we'd found the day before.IMG_3663

  I don't get tired of seeing that silky water....

IMG_3673the kids and I did some geology - hands on - as we explored. The fisher people again tried in vain to tempt the fishies to take a bite, with little success....

IMG_3687until I happened to notice two of these swimming in a sandy bit, told the young fella here to through in his line and we were all very surprised when the fish took the bait nearly instantly. It was a one off I have to say (the Experts reckon this is a different fish to the usual sort that haunt these parts)

IMG_3693The terrain changed again, the rock giving way to gravelly sweeps and shady, open (and shallower) holes. I didn't walk around that tempting bend, breakfast was calling my name by this point. We quickly scampered back over some rocks where shags obviously habitate (the smell of shag/bird excrement - UNDESCRIBABLY BAD) and back upstream for bacon and eggs for breakfast.

IMG_3695apparently she was excited about breakfast too. And not about brushing her hair.

IMG_3728The fish continued not to bite after we went for an upstream walk after breakfast (more like brunch) so the kids decided to have a swim in water best described as frigid. Disheartened by the lack of fish, packing up commence and under twenty four hours after we left home we were back there again. Short and Sweet. I don't care so much about the fish though, I want to go back and just sit there, in my chair, feet up, look at the view, book at hand, listen to the sound of the river, breeze in my face, and where phones don't work.  Its good for the soul!

Although doesn't do much for the washing pile!


  1. What a beautiful spot Sharon ... though it leaves you wondering if worth the effort involved for a short 24 hours.
    What is it with girls and brushing hair, Sarah informing me just minutes ago that her hair's going to be a little hard to brush tonight, she's had the same plait since Friday! How did I let that go unnoticed. At least it's plaited I guess.

  2. Oh Fiona, I know what you mean - the young lady here had a plait for a day or two too long as well ... it's a nightmre!

    This does look like a lovely spot Sharon!

    I've also seen a little glimpse of Miss Mac, I think something posted before it should have .... more please!

  3. Yes sir, love that river. Beat our smelly mangroves.


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