Thursday, May 10, 2012

the face behind cattle - kids - chaos

one of the great added, unexpected bonuses about blogging is the friendships formed. Slightly unconventional, but still, its wonderful becoming friends with people, while like minded, one would ordinarily never ever meet.  Like my mates over at Simple Aussie Girls. :-)

Another one, not living quite so far away, while I have never met face to face, our worlds aren't so far apart, having several mutual acquaintances, and in the same industry. Like all bloggers I guess, her face isn't seen much around her blog, being behind the camera most times. So imagine my delight when I finally caught up on some essential bush reading, The Queensland Country Life, and found this lovely person photographed not once but TWICE in her role as show president (and Champion Photographer) of her area.

For Old Nev, who wasn't able to buy a paper (must have been sold out to the rest of her adoring fans :-) and anyone else who wanted to see a shirt and necklace previously mentioned on Fiona's blog. Because we care about the important things in life obviously (snickery-snort!)

fiona 1and againfiona 2Old Nev, if you want the originals to paste into your scrapbook :-) please email me your postal address to thequietlifeqld (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au. You know the drill, put the @ and . where applicable.  

And folks, please do pop by Fiona's blog and say hi. And tell her how you like her shirt. :-)


  1. Very cool indeed ... you are unlikely to ever see me in any sort of publication!
    Fiona's necklace is sensational!

  2. PS It is also very cool to see word verification has been eradicated from these fair pages!

  3. As a relatively new "blogger", I am amazed at how wonderful it is to make these special connections of a www. dimension! And knowing Fiona in both the "real" and "www" worlds, she is an absolute inspiration.

  4. Oh Sharon, you're embarrassing me!
    I can't see the shirt or the necklace, only the squished ears under that hat.

  5. Congratulations Fiona, and thanks Sharon for posting it! Love an inspirational woman!

  6. Good on ya Sharon, I know that I can always rely on you. Now the fishing trip eh? Me, I'm still on the flamin' slasher, two more paddocks and the fire breaks to go then off to the 'Goldie' for a week. (Note - no suggestion as to what I may get up to!


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