Wednesday, May 2, 2012

it followed me home

A little bit of very inexpensive lovely that came home from the Towers with me yesterday as I did a trip to restock the fridge and pantry.  Photo taken on the only window sill in the house that has not been professionally painted (seriously, as in a painter, not this dodgy slapper-onerer of paint), which happens to be where it is seen every single day, in front of the kitchen sink. Smart move that was, wasn't it. Oh well, at least it matches the non-existent splash back in my kitchen. Hello cleaning tongue and groove walls behind the stove. Fun times. Don't get me started.

I've not been here much lately, but really, I have not much to tell. Also I think I've had a bit of camera overload, not having hardly picked the thing up since Easter and the camping trip.  I have though, been snapping and playing with instagram which really is very instant and gratifying (see my page up the top of this one) But rest assured programming will return to normal soon enough, although given that I don't often have anything earth shattering to share, is probably not all that exciting!

We had a spot of rain and Melbourne like weather here last week which had us scurrying for warm clothing and wondering where we had put it away since last winter. Also much realising how much the kids have grown and if 3/4 track suit pants on a little boy was a look that he could get away with. Biggest girl apparently has only 1 pair of tracksuit pants that fit (at least this means the second child has oodles) which means less washing I guess :-)

Oh, and guess what?! That fire place that we Had To Get last winter? still in the corner, UN-INSTALLED. Luckily the weather has reverted back to standard for this time of year (ie nice) but the short cold snap did see The Husband scratching his chin and waving a tape measure around at one point, whilst also looking at the ceiling with a thoughtful expression. There is hope yet.

Hmm, for someone with not much to say, I seem to have covered a lot of ground.



  1. Sharon, I have similar kitchen-sink window-sill issues, and not a professional painter in sight. Alas, also no splashback behind the stove ... not good for splattering home-smoked bacon.

  2. Big Matt told me it's always best to leave the girls with at least one thing to complain about.

  3. let me just quietly say if there was just ONE thing I would be wildy excited, Old Nev. Although I am not sure about the soundness of that advice!

  4. I thought this post was going to involve the tale of a small child and a new pet...good find!

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