Monday, May 14, 2012

in stark contrast

(alternately titled "is it really worth the pain of the over-tired and over-flowing with attitude oldest girl the next day?")

In stark contrast the activities of last weekend, in which old clothes and rock climbing boots were the go, on Saturday we got out the glad rags and attended the local picnic race meeting (this link HERE) talks about the same race meeting back in the good ole' days. This is bush racing - grass fed horses from properties around the region.

Anyone who thinks that bush gatherings are just one for jeans and wide brimmed hats is sadly mistaken....(although on little boys, entirely appropriate, given that he stayed out of the dirt for around 3.5 seconds on arrival)

IMG_0819Another stunner of a sibling photo for the album. Hilariously good.

Kate has managed to loose* her only good pair of closed in shoes, so we chose an alternative look, which I call Boho Chic :-) aren't cowboy boots in right now? Bad, bad, frustratingly bad photo of me and the kids, despite instructions to please include my rather smokin' black patent wedge heels.

IMG_0829Miss Mac, despite having the giggles up in this photo and having spent some time at the bar with some like minded mates, did not go leg up in her spindly heels (years of practise she tells me) and took out the title of Mare of the Field (and is a little aggrieved she has been promoted from Filly!) Her teal ensemble was gorgeous. This dress also was declared "a dress" by yours truly as opposed to the "Long Tops" she sometimes wears as a dress, hee hee. (yes, I'm just jealous I don't have the legs to do so)



A taste of the other well dressed ladies showing some nice pins and fascinating headwear. The one in blue who has taken it upon myself to be my personal trainer and vowed to quit smoking, well, for every cigarette smoked I get 10 minutes off training sessions. I don't think I'll be in training for MONTHS! :-)

To cap off the day of fun, and of course not doing anything by halves, they had a lolly drop for the kids.....

IMG_1394by plane of course (how else?!)

IMG_1391run kids run! hats and pockets full, the kids sugared up some more, and despite declaring we were going home before dark...

IMG_1431it was well after nine before these tired and teary little monkies were put to bed, with face and feet washed and baths to wait until the morning.  

All over til next year, or rather til the other race meeting that is a little less leisurely and a tad closer to home, in August.

** mothers blood pressure sky rocketed, children cleaned room, all nooks and crannies of house overturned, and still no sign of the shoes last worn at the Easter wedding, despite the fact that I and she are sure that they were in the car.


  1. looks like a wonderful fun day :)
    love the boots xx

  2. Love it all Sharon. The girls' dresses are beautiful, and we frequently do boots with dresses! Good shoes are worn so seldom, that when we do pull them out they rarely still fit.
    Some pretty flash ladies in your parts. We need to hear a lot more about these personal training sessions!

  3. Great photo of the kids all dolled up..........and you....replace hubby with tripod and self timer!!! I ditched my kids the afternoon because they weren't following my instructions when I "just wanted one photo of me in my outfit"...ended up getting the camera and taking it know that old saying, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself...anyway enough of that, great photos and great a great fun day out in the FNQ (far north Qld)


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