Saturday, May 5, 2012

my kind of kitty

maybe it shows something of my mental state that this made me laugh for ages.

562021_327698900633362_212147665521820_780279_1942557935_nIts a long weekend here in Queensland, and we are going camping/fishing at some point today, when The Husband gets himself home. One of the green shirted mates is joining us - he and his boys will be here soon - and with luck the stars will align and The Husband will too. All I have yet to do is pack the eskies. I've put in an extra blanket, as of course overnight the temperature has dropped 5 degrees :-) but this might mean the fish will be biting.

The boy tells me this morning that he wants to catch a BIG fish.  I bought two hand nets the other day, the sort one scoops the water with, so his chances of catching ANY fish are now a bit higher. I really should have bought three, not sure WHAT I was thinking! Oh well, sharing is good.

See you when we return.

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  1. Have fun will be chilly


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