Friday, May 25, 2012

teaching him to write good

last Sunday, Georgie, after driving both me and her brother batty with her constant bickering and fighting, suddenly decided that she would teach her brother to "write good". Master manipulator, she made this sound such an exciting prospect to her little borther, that he sat down with her at the table and spent the next hour in harmony and mutual admiration for each others writing skills. She wrote the alphabet letters one by one, and he copied. They shared opposite sides of a large exercise book and chattered and wrote for ages. No fighting. If only it happened more often (and if she only realised how much he adores her, but then again, she is not one to shy away from taking advantage either!).

IMG_3739And below is the resulting page, shared over at Simple Aussie Girl's green week this week.

write good web Big sister, while this was happening, was quietly making her own little mess beside them, pleased that Georgie was keeping out of HER stuff for once.


  1. I remember mine doing something similar. Before Sally started school, she still felt the need to sit with the big kids at the table every afternoon and do her homework. The big girls would often write sentences for her to copy, or letters of the alphabet. No wonder the youngest always seems older than his/her years.

  2. Every now and then, in a fit of sibling charity, mine have been known to do this too ... as a break from regular disputes! ;-)


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