Friday, May 11, 2012

skinny dipping optional

last weekend we made a quick trip up to the Secret Special Fishing Hole, to see if the fish were biting. We took the camper trailer, and some mates. We found a new (to us) campsite. The best by far.

IMG_0732need I say more?!

IMG_0746let us just say this about the fish: Georgie got as close to them here as anyone else did with a hook and line (that said, they caught enough for lunch the next day. Lucky there wasn't many of us to feed).

IMG_0743Hard to believe this is the same river as where we were last time, just two or three kilometres down stream. The terrain changes so quickly.

IMG_0749a shallow rock bar that allowed one to cross without getting wet, that is if you don't walk carefully on the mossy rock. Gus got a wet bum :-)

IMG_0753We could hear this long before we saw it, another set of water falls!

IMG_0769hard to photograph, the falls covered three levels. The kids decided just below this spot was good for a swim.

IMG_0775which transitioned to a bath back up above the first fall in shallower (and in theory less arctic like water). My kids don't need any asking twice to ditch their daks and were quite happy to have a soap-less bath. No need for photos :-)

IMG_0795We cooked snags and chops on the bbq plate on the fire, and alfoil wrapped spuds in the coals. And made curly wurlies as well, filled with butter and syrup.

IMG_0800and we chatted around the campfire as the super moon rose (fire not as bush fire like as photo suggests!) and then retired to our beds, tired from the walking and scrambling over rocks and the not catching any fish (the men)

Do you want to see more, Day two?


  1. I don't want to lower the tone ... but I will anyway, when you are talking about skinny dipping and supermoons .... I have to wonder! ;-)

    Looks like a gorgeous camp spot!

  2. What a fabulous spot to camp! Love to see and hear more! x

  3. Blud oath Sharon, hit us with more of the fishin'stuff. Fishing ( Barra, Threadfin, Flathead, Tuna, Mackerell,and what-ever are right throughout the Sandy Straits and Mary River, just wish our river was as pretty as yours. All mangroves and mud our way. Email soon.

  4. Looks like a heavenly camping spot...I think it's the best so far as well.


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