Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frog Lover

The page below has been based (loosely, as it turned out!) on a sketch challenge posted by Nicole.

I've done it digitally, as I haven't had the time to clean the cr*p off my scrap table, let alone the chance to play with card and paper (which does take me some time, I have to admit!) My intention is to print off these digital pages (constructed deliberatley so I can print the main part 8x10 and then add card and paper as necessary). Its quite liberating, doing things this way, as normally I am a slacker at printing and photos are quite "old" by the time they hit my desk.

Anyhow, here is the sketch:

And here is the finished result! It's rare that a page turns out exactly how I imagined to start off with, or exactly like a sketch or other layout that I might like. That's the creative part, isn't it?!

I also dont' normally mix black and white and colour photos (my brain can't handle it!) but this time the frog on her head didn't really stand out, but does when I left it colour and the rest of her in black and white.

I have no idea why one would place a frog on one's head, but I made her take it off, and put it in the garden in a "nice place".

I like these green frogs, just not under my feet (eek!) when walking around at night, and definatley NOT in my toilet (bigger EEK!) where they can put their cold little paws on my unsuspecting bottom.
There's times when a frog-lovin' and touchin' child in the house comes in mighty handy!

Off to have a hot milo before bed...and tomorrow? I have a job of disinfecting my office floor where the cat (Sooty) kindly left for me a stinky dead rat. I had Trevor remove the body (he was overjoyed, I can tell you!) but there remains an odour...dettol here I come!


  1. Love the page Sharon, so funny I had a go at the sketch too, mine is so a direct copy just on it's side, I couldn't think past the sktech to change it when I did it. Still on the hunt for a bed you found one for me yet?

  2. Wow Sharon - hilarious, animal filled post! Love the page - your daughter is SO cute! (and so is that frog).


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