Monday, September 14, 2009

Annoyed. Very.

I have just gotten off the phone after talking to a representitive of Harvey Norman's Online Photo Processing Centre. To say that I am annoyed could be called an understatement. (never annoy a woman with PMS!).

A week or so ago I uploaded this pic here below to HN Online. I made it up in Elements, and very carefully made sure that it was a 4x6 WITH about a 5mm border around the edge, and a slightly wider border on the right hand side, which I planned to crop.
Below is a scanned image of what I got back in the mail. The bottom and left hand edges have not only lost their white border, but they've cropped into part of the photo, as well.

This young man that telephoned me (and now I feel OLD, this kid sounded like he was still in school) asked a few questions and then informed me that "oh, because it was 4x6, that's why, we print the smaller digital print.. etc etc " You know what I mean? I then questioned as to WHY they didn't inform when selecting the size to print that it wouldn't print TRUE TO SIZE (as in - it says 4x6 when asked what size?!) I eventually got that cranky that I thanked the young man for his call and hung up.

These prints weren't expensive, it was more the principal of the matter (I used them because it was quick, and I wanted them back straight away) , but the only thing that I have proven is that I won't be using Harvey Norman online again. I will stick to Extrafilm, where I have sucessfully just had printed my lovely collage photos (the ones I have been sharing with you) and I couldn't be more happier with THEIR service and he quality of the prints. No cropping there, and I followed the same process, making sure that all of my prints were within the photo size (like 8x10, or 6x8 - and even if I deliberatley didn't fill up the page, they still came back exactly right).

Enough ranting, how is your day going?! :-)


  1. oh shit...i just uploaded 200 prints to HN online for processing!!!

  2. Oh Di! I don't understand? Why do they print smaller - am I a bit vague? I haven't used Harvey Norman online, I use snapfish when they are onsale, and haven't had a problem. I also haven't had a prob with my local Harvey, they did however give me some very blue toned pics the other week - I had to take them back and they reprinted serveral times until they were fixed, but it did mean the inconvenience of picking them up the next day so I feel your pain - where is the compensation for the hassel and time wasted!

  3. Forgot to say good job they look great!

  4. Oh Sharon...that is such a pain!!! Snapfish are my online processing company of choice...they ask if you want the digi crop or not when you check out.
    I hate when you have a complaint and the person on the other end doesn't get what you are saying GRRRRR


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