Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Tour

Last year we had a principal who was a mad keen cyclist and all round fitness nut, so he organised a little bike ride for our small school to do. There is a one lane bitumen road that leads out of town, and the first property/station is about 8km away, most of that on the bitumen. The plan was to ride out there, have a sausage sizzle at the homestead (very kind and generous ex-parents of the school letting us use their bbq & wonderful shaded lawn and garden for everyone to regather their energies on!) and then return back to school.

The kids loved it so much, that we did it all again this year (with a new principal). This time we invited two other small schools (as in under 6 students from each school) to join in the fun.

We did a head count, and there were more adults than children, what with the parents, teachers, and the local constabulary offering road blocks and escort (easiest day they've had in a while!)

Here they go!! The older kids are bits of speed demons, so one of the mums plus a mad keen (read mad) fitness fanantic teacher aid went with them to keep them on the straight and narrow. A police car went in front, as the "speed car".

This little mob is the smaller kids, and the adults that hadn't seen a push bike in QUITE awhile! Nothing like jumping off the deep end and doing a 8km ride (16km if they rode home as well!) to re-introduce the joys of bike riding!

Quite frankly, I think I prefer my bikes to be red, motorised and wearing a little HONDA label. But more on that shortly...

Our principal Miss Mac issued a "dress up" super crafty mum with much attention to detail (and must not like sleeping - I'm living in a town of mad women! I'm the only sane one here!) dressed up her two daughters, and two push bikes in a fairy/princess/butterfly theme. That's her in the pink gumboots (prepared for every weather condition?!)

I have to say I was a totally slack mother with too many other things to think about, and all I did was blow up some green and orange balloons and tied them to the front of Kate and Georgie's bikes. See if you can find them!

Miss Mac is wearing the tutu that she crafted herself. It was very...stiff and sticky-outery. This is an action shot from the moving car - I was support crew, with trailer on the back with spare bikes and those belonging to the little ones who puffed out.

Even our local policeman got in the fun of things. I have never before seen regulation issue police socks before! They made quite a hit and he was kind enough to model them for me.

Remember that mad keen fitness fanatic teacher aide? (she asked if I could make her legs look longer. Her nickname is Shorty, so can understand her wish!) She went as a rather confused bumble bee.

The attention to detail! These little bee thingys were attached to her bike helmet. And bobbled the whole way!

Remember I said the bumble bee was confused. Some where along the way it ran into batman.

That's it for the photos - I didn't want to share the other pics, which are of other children - some people might not like that.

I did ride for awhile, on my new bike - on the way home when the sun was hot and burny. Lets just say I have been reminded of a few extra muscles in my legs...and possibly may find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning!


  1. UNREAL! what a great day...and awesome job as school photographer!!!

  2. OMG how HILARIOUS!!! Loving firstly, your brilliant photography! Loving secondly, all the mad women in your town (esp the batman meets bee and the pink gumboot lady!), thirdly, loving that schools there have less than 6 kids (!!) and LOVING that a group of balloon bearing, fairy dressed and tutu laden cyclists needed a police escort!!! Wow, this post totally made my day.....

  3. umm, we actually had TWO police vehicles...what can I say, crime is slow out here at the moment (mid week and all!)

    Hey, those double decker triple road trains that come along are big - surely they wouldn't have been able to miss us, what with the tutus and ballons and fairy winged gumboot ladies, but you never know....!


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