Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bushfire Season

Bushfire season has come early in the north this year, oh boy, did it come early. Its going to be a long dry season, with this sort of thing happening...

A fire was lit close to our small township, so we all dropped what we were doing, and went off to see what we could do. This young fella was very nonchalant in the face of that heat, behind him. He's lighting a fire break with an aptly named tool called a Fire Bug. See how it's dripping flame out behind him?
Actually, this wasn't really a bushfire - I was only kidding!!! {do you think I'd be out there with camera in hand if this were a real bushfire! NOT on your nellie!}

This was really a burning off operation carried out by the local rural fire brigade, burning off the long grass beside the highway and the school. There's lots of long grass out in people's paddocks too, but by burning off beside the road, it should hopefully prevent a stray cigarette butt or idiot passerbyer from lighting up valuable grazing land.

The gang all assembled. Very relaxed looking lot, aren't they! And if you hadn't realised, this is Toyota country! Wonder if they need a new ad?

Here we go!! I am not sure who got to strike the first match, but it didn't take long for the flames to take hold. The men are making sure that the fire doesn't jump over the break on the other side of that fence there. The owner of the land probably wouldn't take too kindly to a fire racing through his pastures!
Here's another firebug, and I don't mean the equipment in his hand!! My husband, wandering through the grass, lighting more fire as he goes. It's filling him with joy, can't you tell? {I think he's feeling in on the inside!}

This one is going into my favourite photo file. I had to do some quick fiddling with my camera settings to get this one, but smoke haze across the setting sun always gives such good light. I love the colour. Probably could be cropped to take out the foreground... that's Trevor, enjoying his fire-bugging moment.

The highway, and the local constabulary checking out the action. Crime is not high in our little town, so he came down to join in the fun - and slow down passing traffic. Something about flashing police lights that gets the foot off the accelerator!

APPARENTLY, the kids couldn't see enough of the fire from inside the car, and nagged me until I let them out, just for some peace and quiet.

It turned dark quickly...but look! pretty...

Who let these clowns in here?! "Smile kids!" I call, and this is what I get. I think this is Georgie's modelling pose. Just so long as she doesn't continue with this pose when she's 15, that's all I can say (with particular attention to the pulling up of the pants leg!)
So that was our entertainment yesterday afternoon. Apparently the fire warden want to do some more this evening...but I think I'd rather watch Funny Home Videos. It looses its excitement quickly, once the wind changes and you downwind from the fire....lots of smoke! cough, splutter, dripping eyes...
As an aside, did you see my new frame overlay? I made it myself using a CZ tutorial, but don't know how to round the corners of my little frame thingy, to match the rounded corners of my photo. Any hints?


  1. OO OO I have been wanting to know how to round corners for ages. Do share please. I tried and couldn't get it to work. I must say CZ is a pretty good teacher I loved her photo collage one. By the way the class is pretty cool! In case you didn't sign up!

  2. Dont rub it in! I didn't sign up, but should have given how easy I found her PSE tutorials (though I did have to tweak a little for my version) Haven't work out how to round the corners, got a friend on the case - she's thinking about it! I'll let you know...

  3. love these photos sharon...great colours...and i would so love to help them....there is a little fire bug in


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