Thursday, September 10, 2009


No story to tell, just more photos of burning off around our little town (apparently hasn't been done since 1974, the year of the great flood...!) I do intend to do a collage layout of these - been having some fun twiddling with my camera settings and flying by the seat of my pants, trying to get a good dark-time photo!

Another local getting close to the action (all in the name of a good shot!)

Looking down the highway back into town.

This was the next night - taken from in front of my house. Burning off the common area behind the township.

The glow of the flames reflected in the smoke cloud above the flames. And an ironbark tree & embers.

A little bit warm! Good thing for zoom lenses and a steady hand! This was about 8pm, and I turned off my headlights - was like daylight for a bit!

Stay tuned for some great Tour de Prairie action shots, our activity for today - the school kids bike ride to a nearby property and return.
Although...I may not be able to walk to the computer tomorrow to post about that!!

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