Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just quickly

A quick post before we head off to the coast on Friday morning for a few days. Jobs to do in the city (as usual, and the list keeps on growing!) and then a couple of nights on the beach front at Mission Beach!!

In the midst of the preparing (like madly watering the garden) and packing, or rather THINKING about packing (the great procrastinator that I am)I have forgotten to post about my boys big third birthday!!

(did a crap job of editing that photo, didn't I? isn't the colour awful?!)

He had a great day - nothing overly special was planned - but gifts (all stuff a little boy's heart desires - tools, and trucks, and a red wheelbarrow!) and cake, and his dad home ALL day, and driving on the forklift, well that made it all pretty wonderful for him. That and having a win over his father at tea time and getting away with not eating dinner (grrr!)

Can't believe that he is THREE! I told him (jokingly) that now that he is three, he was too big for cuddles (being a very snuggly boy) - he got the saddest look on his little face. Oh I love winding my kids up. Probably makes me an evil mother (like how I told them pressing the door lock on the car keys would make the car BLOW UP KABOOM - I think they really wanted to press the button to find out, but boy...what if Mum wasn't kidding! I could see the cogs turning!)

Anyhow, I'll take lots of pics of Mission Beach for you all. And I can promise you the one photo you won't be seeing, is me in a bikini, or any swimming costume whatsoever!


  1. What a sweet baby boy, Happy 3rd!
    And I love your twisted sense of humor...right up my alley ;)

  2. hi sharon
    have been a bit of a lurker on your blog for some time now,after coming across it on someone elses blog.
    Just thought Id let you know I so enjoy your posts, very humorous, and your photos are great.
    have a great holiday.sure youll manage to get lots and lots of photos.


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