Sunday, September 6, 2009

Internet Goodness

As a departure away from my favourite home decor colours (none of which actually feature IN my home, as its a mish mash of hand me down furniture, and the few bits we could afford!), this caught my eye. So fresh and clean and spring like!
A challenge for your next scrapbook page or sewing endevour? - that gorgeous teal/aqua + white + kraft? Hmm - combine with Nicoles' next challenge perhaps?!
I think you could be safe to say that I would be extremely happy to live in the Pottery Barn Catalogue! I want to go on holidays HERE below, at the very least!

See, this is my new Pottery Barn house - love the big glass doors and windows, and the white painted trim, the timber floor, the green walls....

Spring dining, anyone? Gorgeous weather here today, perfect for dining al fresco. If only I had this tree, and setting...

Here's that nice mirror again, this time on my new living room ;-)

Now this below would so useful - a calendar/organiser centre thingy. Brilliant.

That's it from me today, not a great deal of excitement happening out here at the moment. Trevor home so kids "helping" him (its fathers' day after all!)
Til next time!


  1. i am SO on the same page...the first two images are awesome!!! I loooove those blues and greens...and they may just make there wau into my home soon...
    And man what an unreal organisation tool...soooo need that

  2. oh to start with a clean slate! Can't wait to see what you come up with...mind you, I could probably fix up this old house with lots of white paint, the addition of the verandah out the side, ALL new furniture, and an unlimited budget! Oh, the kids would probably move out for awhile, as I have found during the limited painting I have done is the two DONT mix, and my patience very thin (the kids + paint = insanely cranky!)

  3. Oh man...I am coming with you to live in your pottery barn catalogue!!

  4. Oh, thanks Sharon, You've just provided the design palete for my house. Love it!


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