Saturday, September 12, 2009

One more thing

Whilst in the crafty frame of mind, I thought I would also share this gorgeous tutu tutorial that I found...whilst riding along ("on a pushbike, honey!") the other day, my friend Andrea (the pink gumboot lady) and I were discussing tutu's and where to get them, and I said HEY, lets not be silly, we can make them!

Because lookie here:

We could totally make our own and then take photos of our own kids, and get that expensive photographer look, at home!

Are you inspired yet? Here is the link for a super easy no-sew version, but I have a simple sewn version happening in my head that might be quicker to make than the no-sew one. May not be as cute, but I have to think about it and see if it could work and be as poofy.

By the way, these images are TOTALLY lifted off the internet - do a search and see what YOU can come up with - I have seen a ladybug tutu, the obvious fairy/princess tutu, a princess pirate tutu, and a bumble bee version. So cute! Possibilities are endless....


  1. Hey Sharon, that no sew tutorial is how Mum made Kate's tutu that she had on here on my blog Mum put more tulle on so it was puffier, and I would say it would be better if you ran a machine stitch around the band to hold them all in place, because once you wear it, or the child does, they move around and don't stay neat and all one length! Love the second picture, adorable tutu!

  2. Thanks lovie! I have visions this year of tutu chrissy pics for my cards!!!


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