Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so excited

I had a win!! I've been wanting to refresh the girls room for awhile now...ages ago I saw this quilt cover in a catalogue and fell in love with the gorgeous colours and its ability to conceal little accidents with felt pens (NOT allowed, but still...) It was a little expensive for my budget, so I put it out of my mind.

Today I happened to check the website of this retailer - and they were ON SALE! yippee!! So have ordered (not the patchwork one) and the quilted pillow, and plan to try and sneakily re-arrange their room and put on the new covers, just before Christmas somehow, as an early Christmas gift for them. I've already ordered, thanks to the Target Toy Catalogue, a gift that requires their room to be re-arranged to make space, so its all falling into place nicely!
The girls have a lot of old timber furniture in their room (my mum love restoring furniture) as well as dark floorboards, and timber beds, and pale blueish gray paint on the walls, so combination of colours on the quilt will go perfectly.
I am feeling so organised for Christmas, for now!!


  1. Oooo nice, so much fun decorating. I too am planning Christmas, my budget can't handle the end of year overload. It is fun picking out new stuff. Nice bright colour choices!

  2. I am totally planning my two younger girls room makeover too!! I have ordered quilt covers from Kas Kids (fly away birdie) and have ordered new white beds from some guy on ebay!?

    Planning to get rid of them for the weekend, keep eldest daughter and hubby here to paint walls (pale apple green) and give full makeover. Includes white cube shelving from IKEA (1 shelves each).
    I'm so excited I can't wait!
    Just don't quite know how I'm going to pay for everything!
    Also putting in a silver ceiling fan. What did we do before inline shopping????

  3. meant 'online' shopping and sorry for such long comment - got over excited.

  4. Gorgeous!! But where from love???

  5. from ezibuy, kirsty, our favourite of old ;-) (lordy, the money I must have spent with them, and the old Myer Direct in its day, over the years!)

  6. Sharon, you had a huge win - they are a bargain the quilt covers, even not on sale! I have just bought Noah Retro Robots by Hiccups on sale (for Christmas) and might I say its sale price was more than your not sale price! And Nicole, the girls room sounds like Katelin's her walls are a pale green called bamboo white, left over from the neutral nursery and she has a cube shelf from Ikea and a lovely dresser from there too. The white bed was another story, did you not check out the shop I cam all the way to your end of the world for? So happy with the beds love them lots! I love decorating, if only I had the confidence to do it for others!

  7. by the way, I use double sized doonas on the girls single beds...that crap that gets stashed under the beds - at least it gets hidden by the bedding (on a good day of course, when the beds get made and stay made!!)

  8. I have a double on Kate's and it is what I have bought for Noah's new bed, but his current one is too short for hiding stuff, and Kates saftey rail stops hers from getting hidden, so the only thing under their beds at the moment is them playing! I would like a trundle for Kates when I win lotto!

  9. It's very cute! Good job! I wish I could start thinking about Christmas! But we're actually in the process of moving! Shh! No one knows yet.. I'm letting my scheduled blogs continue and then I'll let the word out!


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