Saturday, September 26, 2009

Post Holiday Blues Allright!!

There's been nothing but smoke haze and dust (oh the DUST!) here since we returned from the coast, so is it any wonder that I wish I were still there? Oh the greeness, I think that's what I am missing the most! Actually, as we drove up the coast (doing our best to ignore the shenenigans in the back seat!) I think we both took a deep breath and took in the sheer greeness of it all, once we reached the "tropics" from Ingham north.

When I was a child we used to visit my grandmother, who lived in the Port Douglas hinterland, probably twice a year (maybe more). And while I love living out here (the humidity on the coast during the wet season absolutley kills us westerners!) I didn't realise how much I soaked in the greeness and lushness and mountains on those visits. Refuelling the soul I guess?!

Anyhow, let these photos below show you just how gorgeous Mission Beach was. There are many beautiful beaches of course, all up and down the Queenland coast, but this fitted us perfectly. Very slow, relaxed and a set of four units that weren't too flash, but not dumpy, that suited our rough and tumble mob. This was a get together of all of Trevor's brothers, their offspring & wives, and his parents.

I think this photo captures how wonderful the weather was. Look at that sky. And nephew being photographed by his mum - he was playing at being shipwrecked or something (normally gruesome! he's 10. I think its a stage?!)

Check out the view from the pool! That blue you can see behind the fence. THAT, my friends, is the ocean. A mere, oh, 50 metre walk from the front door of our unit.

I think this is my favourite photo from the time we were away. Dunno why! Just is. (and can you tell which blokes don't get their shirts off often? Good thing you can't see their feet and ankles! Just as white!)

This below is my response to Nicole's latest challenge. Digital, sort of collage for me to have printed and put on cs. I think I will be doing more and more of this in the future (though what to do with that huge stash of paper?!!) Anyhow, I am not sure why, but I think this is missing something -or is the title wrong? There's something about it, but then again it is done, so moving on!!
And you know what? I even took some rather crappy videos, in fact spent a great deal of time on the beach doing just that and having a ball! Have yet to work out how to deal with them, but will work on that.

And speaking of "work" I had better get back to doing something constructive and putting away some of the crap that seems to be spreading all over the house, and in turn getting covered with dust. Which incidentally, is not red like you southerners are getting, its greyish. So mixed with the smoke haze, makes a very hazy sky!


  1. post holidays blues are a real bummer!

    liking your digi efforts...thinking i may like to dabble in them too

  2. great photos, looks like a fun holiday! I love the white boarders and words, how did you do it? if you don't mind me asking :)

  3. Hi Jo - you mean on the photos? Cathy Z had a tutorial a little while ago :

    There it is! I just downloaded the pdf instructions and adapted them for myself - I am sure that I could have made the border thingy flasher, but I was in a hurry. I saved the layer with the border and text as a seperate pdf file (I think I may have copied it to a new file with a clear background) and saved as psd, and then all I do is drop onto my photograph prior to resizing for web and after editing. Hope this helps (I did it all in Elements)


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