Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Words

Root Canal.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday (which incidentally, involved an 8 hour round trip, all done on the one day), where they earned the quickest $85 in history.  I was in the waiting room longer than I was in the chair, and for my $85 I got tapped and poked (both of which nearly had me on the ceiling), had a lickety split x-ray, and then was handed a quote for Option A:  a $2495 root canal or Option B: a $375 extraction.

While neither option fills me with much joy and excitement,  the idea of getting around minus a tooth - albeit not a front one, but not one right in the back either - is not one that appeals to me on many fronts (vanity being one!) I guess I will be fronting up for the Root Canal  & Crown, once I have a chat to my health insurance provider.

According to the quote, this will take place over four seperate appointments, and given that it is 4 hours TO the dentisit and four hours HOME, some strategic planning will need to be undertaken.  And especially in the lead up to Christmas - lets just say I haven't chosen the best of time to need multiple trips to the city.

Anyhow, that's whats consuming my thoughts, that and general everyday stuff, like the temperamental washing machine (a whole other, very ranty and cranky post involving both the husband and the washing machine) and a slobbery, persistant poddy calf, clucky chooks that bite (apparently! according to Georgie),  all that sort of stuff that fills up my day. Oh, and just for a change, this evening's activities involved un-bogging the neighbours milking cow from the waterhole down the flat. Good times!

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  1. one word...

    or shit it be...

    no I think the one work you are looking for right now is...(look away nicole)

  2. I absolutely totally HATE the dentist with with every ounce of my body and soul!
    I am sooooooooooooooo feeling you more ways than one!!!

  3. Root canals are the absolute worst thing in the world (sorry to spoil any illusions you have about them!) & then they make you sell a child to pay for the privilege.
    Good luck though!
    Maybe the crown part of the job can wait a bit longer.

  4. Di, I believe that last word may have come out of my husbands mouth when I rang him with the "good" news. That and wondering if it were about time he traded me in for a lower maintenance model. (he thinks he is soooo funny!)

    And you two are so making me even more excited (not) about the experience...I don't do pain well - mostly the thinking about it that is probably worse!! Perhaps an extraction isn't sounding so bad??? anyone had anything to do with plates or whatever they do for fake ones?!!


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