Friday, June 25, 2010

Afternoon Light

During my flying 8 hour round trip (well, I confess, we did go down late the night before, and came home 3pm the next day)  to the city the other day, I picked up a new lens for my camera, the details of which I will post over at my quite neglected photography blog >.  This afternoon I found the time to get it out of its little box and try it out.  And as good fortune might have it, I had about five minutes of gorgeous orangy sunset light, AND co-operative kids, all at the one time.

The light was just so warm, and actually it wasn't freezing temperature wise either.  It was just nice.

Look at how clear his eyes are! Thank you new lens!

Those freckles!  (this ratbag kid!)

And this one:

It takes my breath away.  When did this girl become so grown up looking, so serene?

All in all, not a bad first go with my new lens!


  1. They are beautiful Sharon - you are going to love that lens!

  2. Sharon, keen to hear all about your new toy (can't believe I think it is going to work me posting something!!!) as you know I've had troubles doing that on your blog. Kathy

  3. Love the afternoon light ...okay so how'd you get the rounded corners?

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I would love to have picture number one on the wall of my bedroom.
    Those kids have a talented mother.


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