Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just one more

A bit of a before and after, if you will.  I did this page last the other day when putting my other collage pages together. Finished it, feeling very lazy, and promptly hated it. 

Messy handwriting, and that line around it in an attempt to bring it together. Just awful.  So I fixed it.

Better, yes?  Still not BRILLIANT, but at least I can bear to look at it now!

OK, so I have run out of printed collages to bombard you with, and my desk is temporarily pile free of photos.  Not that I have caught up (ha ha!), more that I haven't gone to the good old ordinary albums to find more photos that I want to scrap. :-)

Stay tuned, I'll have a non-scrapping, but still sorta crafty post for you soon...!


  1. I like it! I liked the first take too :)

  2. So, how do you get your text to do that?

  3. I like it.....yes good question Amy, did you do the writing in word or something?


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