Wednesday, June 30, 2010

With clever angles and careful editing

I've taken up Nicoles challenge from last Friday. I wandered around my incredibly dusty and untidiy house (school holidays not helping rectify the situation!) with my new 50mm lens attached to my camera, and took some snaps.  Little bits of my reality, on this day.

I pruned some long braches off a gum tree in the garden and found these amongst the offcuts. Too good to leave them there, they came inside. Love flowers in a vase...I know they won't last long. But still, they make me happy.
who would believe that gold fish were so dirty.  Incredibly grubby tank, and my finger getting the attention of the fish who wanted to hide in the corner.  The tank lives either on the kitchen bench corner or the dining table.

These grassy stalky things are in a big pot on near the doorway to our bedroom. Trevor hates them as he has to brush past them  (they hang into the doorway) when he goes to bed. I love their colours and their shape, and really should put them in a different spot. Also an old photo (from over 8 years ago of Trevor and his family).

pillows on my bed.

the new alarm clock the kids and I got Trevor for his birthday. It has huge green numbers and lights up the room crazily.  I certainly can read it with my short sighted night vision ;-) but then again, we can nearly read the newspaper by it, its that bright!   and just to keep it real:  dusty, marked bed side table.
new pretties put away neatly in a new jewellry organiser.  I can see where everything is now!
the floor of the boys room.  this is rather tidy actually.
new recipe binder, in which a4 page protectors do not fit. grr.
we live in an old house.  the bathroom has two doors. This is one, the one that opens from the back landing and steps. kids swimming bags.  I like the weathered colour of the door.
on the outdoor setting table downstairs on the cement. trying to keep the kids occupied.
my heavy duty work horse. :-)

our home.

Hopefully I can put these photos into a digi/hybrid page tomorrow, with a few words.  It would be good to do this perhaps on a yearly basis, capturing the little details that catch your eye at that moment, of your home and reality.  Hope you have enjoyed these tiny slices of my world.  You might have noticed that the floor was not included in any of the shots, for good reason. :-) the floor, and any other flat dust collecting surface!


  1. LOVE IT!!!
    And as soonas the boxes are gone I will do the same...

    sorry no return emails...i can receive but they wont send anymore BLOODY TELSTRA!!!

  2. It's almost too much to imagine you and Trevor reading the paper by the light of the alarm clock!
    So glad to finally see a glimpse of those bar stools and I love your bathroom door :-) I'm so impressed by your neat collection of stuff for the fridge - ours is such a shambles, nothing pretty and all kids work or number charts!
    Beautiful home Sharon - the 50mm has served you very well!

  3. Awesome project... fantastic lens!

  4. OMGoodness I LOVE iT!!!! Really want that lens for Christmas. My favourites are the clotheline pic, the boy's bedroom, the bathroom door, and recipe binder. Love them all really, and I see we have a common interest and that is RED. Loving it - thanks for posting!

  5. Oh and Marc hates all fake blossoms and sticks in vases too - must be a boy thing.....

  6. Ooooh I love seeing glimpses of your house! You look to have made a lovely lovely home :)


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