Sunday, June 20, 2010

A change of pace?

The future sister in law of one of my closest  friends  contacted me asking, nay, begging :-)  for help with her wedding invitations. Not an arty bone in her very practical nurse body apparently!  I've never met Annette, nor even spoken to her on the phone, and yet after a few emails and quite a lot of "I dunno?' 's from Annette, we worked out what she wanted.

And after trying to get someone to print or do up what we both had in mind, I ended up doing it myself, so at least we would both be happy with the result.  And I am!  I got the main part printed with Vista Print, and did the rest myself.
I talked Nette into a little bling bling, just a wee bit - up there between the initials. Cute hey - especially as her dress has little beads on the lace around that same light goldy cream colour.  I'm all about continuity!

Speaking of continuity, Annette wanted lace on the invite, and when she saw this lace brush she said it matched the lace on her dress perfectly! Meant to be. Then I asked her about colour, and she really didn't know...(no bridesmaids) but we worked out way around to browns and coffees and creams and mochas.  The envelopes are a lovely creamy colour, and by pure chance and good fortune, the satin ribbon wrapped around the invite match the envelopes perfectly. I sourced some matching cardstock for Annette to print out the little place cards etc, which will feature the lace.  I will design them for her and email them, and then all she has to do is print and crop.

So there you have it, my walk on the wild side freelancing as a wedding invitation designer. Tomorrow I am working on the invite for our local annual ball....


  1. Nice! New career move, perhaps??

  2. I bet she's thrilled with them Sharon - they look wonderful!

  3. That gumleaf invitation is great - I love it.....
    The invite you made is gorgeous.

  4. Very nice invite. You have done a great job on it.


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