Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sickness and Scrapping

So last night I didn't get much sleep (which = cranky and tempermental mother today) due to an upchucking little boy, who really didn't have much to upchuck, so that was really, really fun for him.  I kept trying to get him to have a nice drink of red cordial through the night (on the theory - told to me by a nursing sister - that it tastes nicer than bile on the way back up, and while its there it might replace some of the sugar lost) but he wasn't interested.  Long story short, he is better today, if not tired like his mother.

So, not much was ever going to happen today in terms of productive work, so I decided, in a rush of red cordial induced energy (thought I would see if it worked!) that I would make two quick pages.  But in order to do quick pages, I really had to finish cleaning my scrapping area, which during a quick tidy I had decided it needed a REALLY good clean.  That took the best part of the day, in between feeding the boy tasty and tummy friendly foods.  But FINALLY I got my pages done, and I really really need a hit of that red cordial again if the rest of the family is to eat anything other than two minute noodles for tea tonight.

You might notice a similarity between these two pages. :-)

1. they are poorly photographed. Add that to my list after "poor decorator of birthday cakes".
2. they are both based (if you couldn't tell) on the same sketch, which really was the same template I made up myself in PSE, and then treated hybrid-ly by just printing the text part on cardstock. Why mess with a good thing, especially when short on brain power.

I had already had the photos printed ages ago sort of wallety size.  And tell me if you can see the "mistake" on the first one (short of brain power, and really can't be bothered fixing it up).

OK, I'm off. Red cordial here I come. :-)


  1. They both look fantastic Sharon - looks like you had a productive day afterall ;-) Can't see the prob with the first one but the sickness is here too as you know, so I could be blind!!!

  2. ah...08...

    Love them both but the second really grabs me...very cool paper!!!???
    Brand please :)

    should be able to get 2 of them done tonight ;)

  3. Hope the family is fed and headed for bed now. Love the pages. This is my fav orientation for 8.5 x 11.
    Di can you whip up two for me as well. Sharon the pages are done. And I bet you enjoyed the break. Bring on the scrapping here!

  4. Yes...spotted the 08. Interesting red cordial for sick tummy theory. There are worse things than 2 minute noodles. I'm sure children from war torn third world countries would be thrilled with 2 minute noodles. I make toasted cheese sandwiches on a good night!
    PS LOVE that red/green frog pp!

  5. Sharon
    I feel your pain girl...I had a sick one at home last week. First sick days off school in 1.5 years so it was necessary. Glad you managed to scrap and who doesn't love a hit of red cordial to keep you going.


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