Thursday, June 17, 2010

Venturing Further Into the Dark Side

Ok, so I am not giving up paper scrapping just yet (not until that large stash of cardstock and paper gets used, and as I keep adding little bits that were unresistable, that ain't gonna happen)  but I tell you what I DO like about digital/hybrid scrapping:  that paper companies (well some) are now selling their papers digitally as well.  Seamlessly matching a hybrid layout - where I might have a collage of photos with some digi papers, and then cardstock and real paper - is now getting closer!

Like these lovelies - all digi - from SEI.  I know, they've been out for awhile, but that doesn't mean they aren't still yummy!

Winnies Walls: I drooled over the paper (but didn't buy) and I am drooling over the digi version as well....but think I WILL buy this version! ;-)

I have some photo collage layouts to share with you, so stay tuned, hopefully I will get them posted tomorrow, I am loving how quick, simple and so clean looking they turn out, so really need to make up some more collage pages to get printed. Makes the ole 4x6 a little redundant sometimes! ;-)


  1. Ooh, yes these are super good Sharon :-) Now, I need My Minds Eye to make digi papers and I will be set .... oh and Bazzill of course!

  2. oooh thanks for hunting these down - now I don't have to search! :) Loving the Winnies Walls.....heading on over to sei...


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