Friday, June 18, 2010


While on the topic of digital/hybrid scrapping, I started wondering how many other "mainstream" scrapping manufacturers were also supplying their papers in digital form (not interested in digi elements here, I like to add the "real" ones!)

After a very cursory search (as the only brand name I really know this days is American Crafts! and they dont' do digi just yet - but they do have some nice free desktop backgrounds!) this is what I have come up with:




Now, I know there are heaps of other digital papers out there (designer digitals is overflowing with them for example) and freebies abounding, but sometimes you might just need some contunuity from your real life paper and your digital paper. 

So, if you know of any other traditional scrapbooking brands also dabbling into digi, leave a comment here!

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  1. Good searching Sharon! I think that would be a big factor for me in making a more permanent switch - finding my favourite regulars. Anyway, I'm happy with the digi/paper combo so we'll see how it goes .... who knows what or how I'll be scrapping this time next year!


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