Sunday, June 20, 2010

I love stationery....(warning - light and fluffy)

Yes, its me again. One last post, and then I will be quiet for the rest of the week, I promise. Busy with everyday life, kids, school, very fast trips to the city, school sports days, and oh THANK GOODNESS its school holidays, for the rest of the week.

So, I have been wandering around the internet a little bit the past little while, sourcing ideas for wedding invitations (see last post) and another function that I involved with - our annual ball - that needed an invitation/ticket designed.  I've found some lovely things in my travels - here they are:

Are these not the most adorable country-fied little cards and notelets ever? I want them all.

Speaking of the country, my husband, and nearly every other adult male I know in these parts, carrys a notebook in the breast pocket of their work shirts.  Normally ones with bright plastic covers given out every year by stock and station agents.  Very handy things, I must admit.  But not very girly....but what about THESE?!

Now I would be most happy to carry around one of these beauties all day. In fact, I would probably need a different one for the car, and for my handbag, and one for the kitchen,  and of course one for the office. Oh, and my pocket too, when I'm out and about on motorbikr and need to jot down those brilliant words of wisdom that always come to me when I don't have a pencil and paper.

Now, in my quest for invitation ideas, I also found these little lovlies. Sigh.  Perhaps I need to suggest to my brothers to hurry up already, and get married  (well, getting engaged to start off would be good) so I can suggest these to their finances...

The gumleaves one would be particulary appropriate for a bush wedding....with the ceremony on the banks of a creek...

Hello yourself letterpress. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but gee I fancy you. ;-)

And my favourite:  what a great birthday party invitation idea!  Might not work if your child was over three years of age, but still , what an inspired idea!  I am sure the concept would work if one were also of a certain age where one did not disclose the age, but were just celebrating surviving another year!

That's it, dear readers.  Quite, quite cold here tonight, in fact all day (and I have a hole in my uggies, most distressing!) so a warm warm shower, flannelette pj's and my (prewarmed by the resident bed warmer aka husband!)  bed are calling me.


  1. Love the notebooks, some of that fabric is very inspiring. I also love the little birdie, I am drawn to birdies!
    Loved the Wedding invites too, you did a great job. The bling was perfect.

  2. l love the tags too... get out your tablet and draw some up for yourself :-) Or I could always be convinced to draw some things like that... they are cool!

  3. I love letterpress too! The tree notes are so very cute Sharon - you always have the best 'fluffy' posts :-)

  4. Oooh love all of these! Those little kids party invites are WAY cute!


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