Friday, June 18, 2010

Collage Pages

The other day I found some enlarged collage photos tucked away that I had forgotten about (shock horror) and set to getting them scrapped straight away.

These first two were done in my early days of creating collages, and were done at 8 x 12. When I initially got them out, I wondered just what I was going to do with them, but now I am quite pleased with the result.  I resolve to do some deliberate 8x12's again some day.

I also love how the collage page tells the story so simply. Love it. Again, need to do more, more, more!

I assure you, that title seems straight in real life. What I love about the 8x12 is that you can cut the cardstock to A4 size and run through the printer, and then stick it back together and the photo page hides the join. Love it.  And I decided that I didn't need any patterned paper on this just seemed done without it. This page is about our schools first big bike ride - wait for it - back in 2008.  This page has been waiting awhile to be done!

Yes, another '08 one. Better late than never, hey. Again, I felt no need for patterned paper. I even had some nice blue stuff out, ready to cut, but decided against.  And again, I chopped the card and ran through the printer.
This was a 5x7 print, on an 8x8 page. Getting lazy, and using my own handwriting, which I don't like despite Amy and Di telling me otherwise.  And those thickers?  Came from my local discount/$2 store, for $2.79 per packet.  They are great.

And lastly, my favourite, and most recent (from JUST last year! Imagine that!)

I started off just with the left hand page...and when it was all stuck down I thought it was missing something - the rest of the photos from the day!  Now I could have just slipped some 4x6 photos into a divided page protector (I have a lovely collection of them) but as I haven't actually printed ANY photos from last year - just this one enlargement with the little thank you photo thingys that I'd done - I made this collage using a CZ template. I printed it at home using some rather inferior photo paper, so its not the best quality (I may reprint at a proper photo place!) but it does the job.  If I hadn't added the second page after the fact, I would have moved my journalling down a bit. Actually I should have in the first place,. but too bad now! I really do like how this page turned out.  And using the white el cheapo thickers this time!

That's it for today, I really must go and keep a date with my man, Dyson (the vacuum cleaner). sigh. Where is my cleaning fairy when I need it?!


  1. These are all so very, very good Sharon .... hey, how did you make the cake? Apart from the obvious ;-)
    I need to be brave and chop the 12x12 cardstock to put through the printer like that - very effective!

  2. I LOVE love love that last page. It works great. I like the 8 x 12 too. I really like kaiser papers and they do some digi but not the same as their real papers.
    I think I need that CZ template, I was eyeing it off when Di and Amy used it. You seem like you are on a scrapping roll too.

  3. These are such lovely pages! Just found you via Amy!!


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