Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm not worried....yet...


I live in part of the orange area, west of Charters Towers. Normally a cyclone doesn't bother us too much, with the buffering factor of the Great Dividing Range blocking up most cyclones - normally we western folk don't mind a good rain bearing cyclone! However, due to the sheer width of TC Yasi...well even if it just touches the coast, they expect it be felt inland. Look at her spread in the satellite image. (hey does this picture remind you of that movie with Dennis Quaid and the big snow storm and he had to trek into New York to rescue his son sheltering in the library?...or not!)IDE00035_201102011030 So we have done a few little things to get prepared, although not having had to deal with cyclonic winds ever before, I am not sure quite what we can do.  My list includes: take down fairy lights (don't want them blown around and wrecked, they are new!) relocate mini-pig cage when and if the wind picks up, and re-arrange the shed so both vehicles can be parked properly inside. Push the kids trampoline up against the side of the shed - and maybe tie it there.  And as for the wind worthiness of house and outbuildings, well we shall see if it gets to that stage.

I guess I am a very laid back Aussie with the "nah, she'll be right, won't get here" attitude, however Council and Education Dept are obviously in slight panic mode - with school being cancelled for the next two days! (never mind that we are not meant to have any affects at all tomorrow!  so the kids could at least be at school then!) but they are overjoyed at the bonus two days off school.  Oh well, they can help run around and pick up their crap so should we get a bit windy it won't end up a missile.

I'll update with more exciting BOM pics tomorrow, for your cyclone tracking enjoyment!


  1. I must admit, I would be very worried however it is good you are not right on the coast...will be thinking about you. Don't leave all your pretty undies on the line or they'll end up in your neighbours yard!!! Just a little bit of humour to lighten the load. Take care of yourself and your family. Maybe put the tampoline in the shed if it will fit with the cars.

  2. Sharon, I was thinking of you last night when I caught the end of the news and saw that map, knew you would have to be somewhere in that orange zone! They're talking it still being a cyclone even when it gets quite a long way inland, even though the intensity will have dropped. Always motivation for a little clean-up. You stay safe.
    I didn't realise they'd be closing schools that far out, I know from Mackay north are closed on the coast. My brother and his family live north of Mackay and having suffererd through Cyclone Ului, they headed out this time, and are down with my parents in Rocky.

    On a different note, I know what you mean about kids coming home ravenous, that's when mine are starving too! It's hard to know what to feed them that isn't rubbish.

    Anyway, I'm off to town today, our turn for a birthday in the household. Jessie's 10 on Sunday.

    Hoping Yasi doesn't impact you too greatly.

    Take care ... Fiona.

  3. BE SAFE...i am worried for you!!!!!

  4. My Mom told me about your impending cyclone...aka doomsday...lol. (I'm sure it won't be that bad). She had me check to see where you lived, so we can watch the weather in your area. I swear we're not stalkers, but we're praying for y'all nonetheless. :)


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