Tuesday, November 8, 2011

all dressed up

as requested, photos IN the actual outfits! (dorky photos and all...love #2's hat, wish now that I had bought the same in black for #1...I may yet do so if they are still in the shops - Big W - when next I am there)


IMG_0071 IMG_0073

and the boy, who ended up taking out the Boys Fashions for the second year, and received his prize from Farmer Frank (yep, that Farmer Frank ;-) this photo is when he was all clean and tidy, which lasted a nano second.

IMG_0072and this, very obviously, after a couple of hours of galloping around and consuming all sort of crap sugary goodness.

IMG_0114IMG_0115His winnings were a $20 voucher at the local toy shop. Perfect kids prize! (and btw, that is indeed Frank's girl standing close by, and she has either lost a bit of weight since the show aired, OR television really does add on pounds.

Just because we are out in the sticks, doesn't mean we don't know how to dress up. Fashion was as good as anywhere in the country.

IMG_0104 with the middle one (our school principal) taking out top honours in the Trendsetter Section. Her fascintor was great. Even if her eyes are shut in this shot!

And again, just because its a dirt track and the grounds are a little rustic, doesn't mean we bush girls can't have gorgeous shoes:


My dear mate Mel, wearer of the killer heels above,  was feeling gorgeously green for the races:

IMG_0084and her husband is doing Movember, growing a mustache which just looks WRONG. I don't know how she faces him in the mornings with that thing on his face (not that I have a problem with mustaches, but his? gosh its awful and very much like a very bad 80's porn star!)

IMG_0121And I really don't know what to say about this one...I hope she had her knees together? (and I wish I could sit like this with as much ease and grace....or sit like this fullstop!)

Anyways its all over for another year, the next local gathering being the school break up in three and a bit weeks time...school breaking up for the year? where HAS the year gone....


  1. Pheww, my internet is back up now ... I think you all look fabulous! I love Mel's dress, did she not enter for best fashions? She should have if she didn't!

  2. Great photos Sharon. I also love Mel's dress, and the lady in the group photo on the far left, and I'll have the shoes on second from the right as well! The boy scrubbed up beautifully, even if short-lived. You all look great. Hope a good time was had by all, even if in the catering shed!

  3. some hot legs on them there country gals ;)
    yes...do like #2 hat :)
    and that dapper young man...future FWAW!!!

    and good to see frank still has the girl :)

    Finally...looking very smart Mrs J xx

  4. Looks like a great outing....and those shoes look devine, must be tough walking on that rough surface but I guess it's what women do for beauty. Great to record another fun filled Melbourne Cup.


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