Sunday, November 20, 2011

given leave pass

to leave the kids at home with their father (SHOCK HORROR) and help my good mate Melissa photograph the Year 12 Formal portraits in town Friday evening. My role was that of gofer and holder of things and arranger of people and making sure that dresses weren't tucked into knickers and that sort of thing. Mel's husband gives the role a special name: prop b*tch. Isn't he nice.

I had very big shoes to fill as the previous prop b*tch had taken it upon herself to move to Dalby of all places, and she was apparently the teller of some pretty good knock knock jokes. I am not sure that I lived up the standard set, but I had fun anyhow!

Mel was using my camera as well as her own so she could utilise two different lenses. But never fear, I took along my old, and getting rather decrepit, point and shoot to capture some of the action.

P1020692this gorgeous girl in yellow brought along some props; and below is the professional favourite of the day.

beccTaken at our local railway station, which you would hardly think the perfect place for formal photos!

Again, my snaps from the sidelines....

P1020695Melissa doing her thing with two of the seniors down the way a bit...and don't you just love the girls all wearing bright colours. They decided to all wear brights as it was their theme.  Looked gorgeous.

P1020699 Now, check out the building itself...I wish we had had enough time to get some of the seniors standing in front of cool backdrops like this...

P1020700   But we didn't haven't time, and no matter, she got plenty of lovely shots, like this...

kayand this one, so very cool boys.

boys  I am quite sure Mel could have done without me, although I did walk around with the reflector (and had to walk WITH the reflector held up high level with the girls as they walked towards Mel, which was an interesting task, but at least it had 'em giggling)

They had me feeling verrry old when I realised that I remembered a good number of them from when they were fresh faces and cute little preschoolers, from my days in admin at the state school. How did I go from being just 25 to positively ancient in so quickly?!

off to cancel any further birthdays and instruct my children that they are not allowed to get any older either.


  1. The brights look fantastic and I love the umbrella prop. Young girls seem to wear very adult looking formal dresses these days ... tis a far cry from the days when our mums used to whip up a little something for us to wear that was considerably less blingy and had a neat little jacket to cover us up! heheeheee, now I sound like an old fuddy-duddy!

  2. The photos are lovely. My heart skipped when I saw the location because when we lived in Hughenden I spent many hours playing there. My Step-Dad Greg was an ASM. Oh how time flies.

  3. Gorgeous photos Sharon. I really love the first photo, the yellow's striking. I wish I had the creativity to think more about backgrounds and props. I'd love to set up some family shots over the Christmas holidays, of course there won't be time, Dad will be too busy, blah, blah, blah. Helping out someone would be a great way to pick up some hints.

  4. Love all the bright colours and yes, high school seniors make me feel old as well.....would have been a fun day

  5. Stunning photos Mel and go you hot sorts in those gorgeous dresses!!!


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