Friday, November 4, 2011


In my girls collection of dolls clothes, is this dress which was from my own childhood. I happened to pick it up the other day, and marvelled at its tiny perfection. It belonged with a hand made rag doll, given to me by our next door neighbour, a place called Barragunda. (one of those property names that are nice to say!)

Her name was Lennie. She wasn't a young woman back then when I was a child (her kids all being young adults) and I am not sure, the doll may have been a birthday gift. I think the doll is long gone, loved to death and tossed out by my mum (it had long brown woollen yarn plaits) and she had two dresses, one in a multicoloured print, and this one.

IMG_9932It's not very big, but look at the tiny pintucks on the bodice! and the tiny bound arms and neckline. How very precise and fiddly to make.

Lennie (short for Lenore) moved away many years ago, and is now rather elderly, and lives in the Far North of the state. She is now a published author, having written quite a few books about living in Cape York and raising a young family in somewhat exciting conditions.

I normally write to her each Christmas, sending the family news (written in a slightly self deprecating and tongue in cheek style) and photos in a typed letter (she tells me she loves to get it, especially the tales of animal and child escapades!) and a short handwritten note. This year, I think I will include a picture of this dress, and ask if she remembers it.



  1. It's an absolute treasure and it does look to be really well made. My Grandmother used to make things like this for us, she was an excellent sewer and the detail is quite astounding ... I think Lennie will love to see a picture like this one in the Christmas letter.

  2. Oh beautiful. The photos and the little outfit! Can you scrap this please!


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