Saturday, November 19, 2011

feeling reflective

While at first it was the font use that I liked about this, the words too are meaningful.

ebbIts been one of those weeks; nothing dramatic or overly exciting has happened, but still enough of everything, including some slight ill health, to take its toll mentally and physically.

I've been told I must share the adventure of upgrading my truck license from an MR (medium rigid, ie small body truck) to HR (Heavy Rigid, ie large, "bogie drive" - I've always wanted to use that term in a blog post, but now I am bothered by the fact that I may not have used it correctly! -  body truck) as the two trucks we own are classed as such. Well, now I am licensed to drive them, but only thanks to the kind nature of our friendly local policeman (also friends of ours) who excused my god-awful gear changing (well, shazza, its not ideal, but it'll do!) knowing full well that I will not be entertaining the thoughts of city or even bigger-than-our-small-town driving and that I am more than capable to getting from rural location A to rural location B without running someone over. (he did mention some concern over the gearbox however in my defence the last time I drove the truck I tested in was over two years ago, for a duration of five minutes, helping Trevor back onto a trailer!)

Of course, the thought did not even enter my mind that upgrading my license would require a new even awfuller license photo to be taken (the girl in charge of that quite cheerful about it all) so of course my hairdo was perfectly coiffed in a sweaty post hat non-airconditioned truck style, and my makeup (none) flawless. I guess the photo matched the level of gear changing! ;-)

I have, on reflection, had one other small adventure that you photography types will enjoy, and I will share that another day, involving an outing with the most professional Melissa and a new, albeit temporary, job title for yours truly. ;-)

Til next time!


  1. Thanks for this update .. Shazza! ;-)
    So, next time I'm driving through, I will know to take care when I see a crazy woman grinding the gears?

    PS word verification is sickl ... does it pick up on themes within blog posts I wonder?

  2. That sounds intriguing ... Glad you are continuing to be mobile. :)


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