Sunday, November 6, 2011

clothesline companions

A self timer shot from the clothesline. It struck me as funny, that while I pegged out a load of washing before dark, that I had the dog, the lamb, and a cat (who refused to pose for the camera) AND the other dog (off with the cat) hanging about with me.

IMG_9937Not sure it would happen anywhere else but in the country. Like in recent conversations with some friends....

Friend one, laughing: this is what you call real life - on the phone to you, and you are busy telling the kids to not squash the lamb poop, sweep it up!

Friend two: mid conversation, she breaks off to speak to her sons , NO you CANNOT take the gun! (teenagers wanting to go pig shooting). It made me laugh, when I realised how normal it seemed to me!

Sometimes the reality of living west of the great divide is somewhat removed from other parts!


  1. You can also add 200 or 300ks away from any major city into that!
    Great self timer shot Sharon :-)

  2. Umm, yeah, just somewhat removed. I thought that lamb was a statue, it looks so perfect!!!

  3. nope not here...just fog poop and violets under my clothes line ;)

  4. I wondered if it was a sculpture too! great clarity. :)


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