Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Melbourne Cup

The race that truly does stop the nation, even in north western Queensland!

I wasn't going to go up to the pub where they have a little luncheon, run a sweepe and generally have a good old fashioned country style time. But then I decided to go, after the publican, juggling a baby and catering for the crowd, asked nicely if I would sell the sweepe tickets for her. Not as easy as it might sound with $2, $5 and $10 tickets being sold!

I ratted through my wardrobe and put this ensemble together, with the criteria that I be able to use my cream bag and new (to me, thanks ebay) shoes.

The boy took this shot before we left...

IMG_9990...managing NOT to get a pic of my lovely shoes, but including the sheep and the overgrown garden. And let me say this, those wretched sleeves drove me batty. I hate floppy sleeves, and I tend to, without fail, roll things up to my elbow (except for work shirts, but they are a different matter). ANYHOW, I had to share the shoe joy:

IMG_0015A somewhat dodgy photo of my yummy new shoes (ignore the freaky looking feet!), that have quite a high heel but I was able to walk around easily and comfortably in them. The slightly granny Naturaliser brand really is comfortable!

The boy didn't miss out, he had to wear his newly purchased fedora style hat (which will feature again this weekend at the local race meeting)

IMG_9985A bit of a sharp dresser, is he not?!

We had a lovely couple of hours out, and I drew 3rd place in the $2 Sweepe, winning a total of $9.80.

What did you do for Melbourne Cup?   


  1. I wish I could wolf-whistle over the 'net! Looking smoothe Mrs J and those shoes are very cute indeed!

  2. Hey Sharon, you look lovely. And how do I love those shoes! Of course, at first mention, I scrolled straight down the length of first photo to find them cropped off! The joys of kids and cameras. And of course I feel like such a dick asking the kids to take photos of me. Feels vain! And then of course my husband feels the need to pass comment on me plastering myself all over the internet! What the? Whose blog is this?

  3. Niiiice. Lovin' those shoes! And that sheep is starting to make me giggle! It's everywhere!


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