Sunday, November 13, 2011


P1020647 The Husband decided to join in the Movember fun, but without the fundraising part. We have a good friend who is growing a mo of similar shape, however his makes him look like what I would imagine a rather bad 80's porn star might look like. My husbands? A bad Mexican dude. I need to find him a sombrero and some bandolier across the chest bullet holder things to complete the look. The kids are finding the whole mo thing on dad and friends highly entertaining. Its sending the wives into hysterics as well!


  1. Snort ... I think it's the semi closed eye which makes him look shifty!
    My BIL is doing it too - he looks like someone out of the mafia!

  2. oh please do...and post a photo of his make over hehehe

  3. Well hello Mr Smooth.
    Not so sure about the Mexican ... maybe more 80's cricketer. A little Lillee cum David Boon.


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