Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know you are all waiting with bated breath to see more of Ralph, and of course what my feral children get up to after the first good storm of the season (and let me tell you, it aint pretty) but first I wanted to share something I found.

I was cleaning out what can only be called an assorted pile of crap, that had been thrown into a plastic tub and then shoved under a desk where it languished for a good while before I remembered its existence.  Quite some treasures have been unearthed in going through the layers of the box, but I am relieved to report that the majority of it ended in the burn drum.

I did discover these couple of things, tucked into a manilla folding from pre-Pinterest days.

CLX-3180_20111130_09173407torn from Country Style Magazine (april 2006!) I still like - not so much the chairs but the big table. And the big space in which to have the table.

CLX-3180_20111130_09182804this deck/kitchen with lots of open-ness. Although I love the idea and how brilliant in Cairns, out here it might just be another great opening to let in dust and flies. Though there are those big windows on tracks which presumably shut across the bench.

We are not building a house nor moving anywhere in the foreseeable future, however I still like gathering ideas that might suit if we ever do any more work on this old house or another one down the track. I notice this about what I like: open, lots of window and light, natural material ie timber, clean lines, combination of modern and old, white, greenery.

And the last thing that I found, torn again from the back page of  country style, and it gave me a giggle to re-read. Rob Ingram is a clever man with words, with a dry, Australian sense of humour. CLX-3180_20111130_09155801

I do hope you are able to read it.

Amazing what you find when you clean things out!


  1. That top kitchen is enviable!
    Our garden is comuning with nature at present ... I blame months of various excavations!

  2. Beautiful images Sharon. We obviously have similar taste, though if you were to see my house you'd be unable to reach that conclusion. I've always liked the look of those bifold windows out onto a verandah/patio too, but like you, don't see it as being very practical. I do like my screens.
    And how is it that some people find gardening relaxing, when I only see work! Usually involving heavy machinery, noisy handtools and backbreaking lifting/digging/hauling.

  3. Fiona, I agree with you ... we have shocking soil here and I know that is different to your rural environment ... hubby said he was about to do some gardening the other day ..... he grabbed the jackhammer!

  4. Stunning pics'.....think I need a housekeeper to get a house like that...I could take the photos to contribute!!


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