Sunday, November 27, 2011

it did in fact rain

after my post the other day, and after two very long and hard nights and mornings of work by the men back burning on our friends place - not an easy task at all given the rough terrain and a big river to traverse - it rained.

Wednesday evening it rained and rained, The Husband arrived home from the fire front around 4:30am that morning, have gone from fire-fighting to close to being bogged in a short space of time. Most gloriously the next morning I splashed out to measure 75mm of good stuff, with another 30mm falling during Thursday.

I think we can call this a lovely start to the wet season.

In other news, the piggies are settling in very well, guzzling their twice daily milk ration at alarming rate and getting very round very quickly. They are also getting quiet and very conversational around feed time; they are smart little critters and have worked out where the tucker comes from!

IMG_1058they are not, however, getting any easier to photograph. I will request that the boys (the neighbours) give me some coloured babies next time!

Ralph too is coming along, although a strange poddy in that he only wants to talk to me when he is hungry. Normally they are all over the milk supplier very quickly but I guess this one has a strong herd instinct and he hasn't worked out that we are now his herd. We'll get him in the end and I am sure he'll be coming walking with us before too long!

I'll be back one day soon to share what the kids get up to after the first good drop of rain. My washing machine is not impressed.


  1. Thank goodness for the rain - we've had a drop or two down here as well .. now, where is the shot of Ralph, he's my favourite!

  2. I'm extemely envious of the rain ... a very impressive start to the wet season indeed. Nothing to report here as yet, though I'm told our turn's possibly coming at the end of this week. (I was told that last week as well).


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