Monday, November 28, 2011

down the flat

the afternoon before it rained, the kids took themself off to the far corner of our two acre block to what they call the Big Hill, which is a pile of sand.
I went to investigate and they were having a lovely old time, with the help of one of their little school friends.
IMG_1069they built a very wobbly looking hutchie, with a bit of cardboard and two steel pickets.
IMG_1068this is their toilet. She posed like this for me (mum, I will just pull my pants down a bit so it looks real!)  before assuring me that they only did #1's and had some lovely leaves picked from the mulberry tree that are perfect for toileting requirements. I refrained from comment.
IMG_1079 Showing me that mulberry leaves are indeed sufficient for #2 should the need arise. I refrained again from comment with barely a twitching eyebrow.
IMG_1073Kate was in charge of catering, and whipped up some sand stuffed paddymelons. On a plate that looks suspiciously like one from the plastics draw of my kitchen. Comment was made.
IMG_1082Not sure what the boy was in charge of - standing guard perhaps? Bashing things with a stick?
IMG_1076Water supply was also taken care of, with the old kettle filled from a nearby water trough (I was given a demonstration of how one gets a drink) The other eyebrow twitched on inspection of the trough that that had a lovely green moss growing around the outer edges and in which the dog was swimming. (Oh well what doesn't kill 'em will make 'em stronger, and no gastrointestinal complaints were made following water consumption!)
I wandered home thinking that this is probably one place I shouldn't visit often; what a great, mum free time they were having, just playing in the dirt.They each had their little thing they were doing, and were happy. No TV, no electronics, lots of fresh air. Good times.
Next up, what country kids do AFTER it rains ;-)


  1. I love it when kids play like this - they look like they are having an absolute ball!

    I can just imagine the photos post rain ... hmmmm, would they be of the slightly muddy variety?

  2. Great when they can entertain themselves...too funny... I love the fig leaf (or was that mulberry)...where's Adam????

  3. So glad to hear about the rain! And sorry to see the cattle are struggling What a tough time you have all had ...


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