Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fish pond

With my in-laws having a guppie population explosion in their fish pond, a few weeks ago I brought home a container full of them, and they existed happily enough (once I worked out they liked bore water instead of rainwater, and after I googled why I had so many deaths!) in a sealed terracotta pot. However, the water kept going green (as in nasty green) so it was time to find them a bigger, less algae friendly home.

IMG_0032Enter the Fish Pond, in somewhat of a wilderness area of the garden, as you might be able to tell by the long grass. The pot on top is where they USED to live, it is sitting on cement block. I intend to fill it full of water, install a little solar fountain and have the water trickle over in the pond.

The guppies are loving their new, clean home. Because there is more, deeper water, it stays cooler, and does not encourage the growth of algae. The lillies also help the water stay clean.

IMG_0039  Putting everything into perspective with one smallish boy studying the fish.

Now I just have to work on taming the wilderness around it, and maybe adding some pavers and a seat for quiet contemplations of the fishes, and enjoying the splashing of the fountain. (when I install it of course, I currently have to retrieve the solar panel from the roof from its previous position!)

Sigh, I think me and the Roundup bottle are going to be on very familiar terms soon (with another 40mm of rain falling yesterday, the grass is only going to get longer.....)


  1. It looks like it would be a lovely place for quiet contemplation ... I like the shot with your boy .. does he try and catch them?

  2. Smiled at the Round Up comment - my whipper snipper, mower & I are very well acquainted at the moment as well!!


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