Friday, June 1, 2012

blame instagram

I feel like I am doing mini blog posts every time I put up a photo on Instagram, hence the brevity of posts here. I may have mentioned it before, but I love it.

So, if you peek at my instagram page from time to time (see the link above) you will see what I have been up to...not very much. Its been rather brisk and chilly this past week, with rain returning yesterday and 25mm falling last night. Normally very welcome, but with our local show today and tomorrow, well lets just say gumboots might be the newest fashion accessory in the west. However the sun is peeking out now and then, so am hopeful that by the time we head in tomorrow to view what the district has to offer in their arts and crafts and cooking and fruit and sewing, and catch up with everyone, it might be a little less muddy and my nice brown leather boots might get an outing (oh yes, its all about ME of course!)

Was going to be slack and not enter anything into the show, but ever mindful of bloggy show president friends giving me a roasting about supporting ones local show committee, and with the kids nagging, at the last minute rallied. Every mothers nightmare at show-time, we have entered two Collections.

IMG_3791(not a photo that is even close to show worthy! cheap ebay "play" lens not cutting the mustard and will henceforth be relisted....) Dressed in their finest, and hair brushed and styled, the girls are having a lovely old chat, reclining in their tissue paper lined basket.

IMG_3800and, involving paint and bluetac....

IMG_3807very much bluetac to hold those little critters into place....Georgie's Little Pet Shop Collection.

IMG_3806 Not having it in me to create some sort of backing and holding for a myriad of well loved matchbox cars, the boy just had to be content with a promise of "next year" and his entries from school.

Myself, I ran my eye over my digital files for the past twelve months and quickly selected a few of what I consider my better shots that met a few of the photographic sections. Printed at home, I don't have high hopes for them doing much, the finish far less superior to a lab print. I also grabbed a couple of scrapbook pages, just to appear like I was sort of trying :-) (let me not go into the judging of scrapbook pages at our local show, I have issues with correct spelling which I guess may go against the spirit of the whole thing, but......)

With the return of my little handbag camera from our mate the chopper pilot (complete with bonus photographs of his children pulling faces) I am roaring and ready to capture the action at the show tomorrow.

Gumboots or not. Its just a pity that none of us own any at the moment.


  1. Lucky you pulled a few out of the bag for the local show. Those bloggy show president friends can be downright nasty! Not much rain to report in these parts, though overcast and miserable. Yard full of weaners, hunched and hair standing on end.
    Do hope the weather improves overnight for all involved with your show. And you all enjoy yourselves, look forward to seeing the photos (not via instagram)!
    PS. I also have issues with incorrect spelling.

  2. Aren't those Pet Shop creatures, amongst others, really creepy to look at?! What is it with the oversized heads and eyes?

    I am expecting good reports from this show experience ... complete with pictures ... or shall we see you in the tabloids again?

  3. Can't wait to see if your washed out show was as washed out as our washed out show.

  4. A lot of shows are getting washed out but I hope you were able to have a great day out.

    Yes, show societies are very clever at making sure you keep entering no matter how far you move away. I do love entering though its a cross between supporting a local oranisation and showing off to the people of your community what you have been doing. Always a great day.


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