Saturday, June 2, 2012

the lazy scrapper

so I took some mental health time in light of the crazy two weeks in front of me, and did some scrapping. Printed out a few digital pages and assembled to put away.

It has struck me what a lazy scrapper I have become....

Evidence of such:

IMG171A digitally created page I have shared over at Simple Aussie Girls before. Simply printed out, trimmed a little and then plomped on a bit of cardstock, embracing white space and embellished (oh yes, EMBELLISHED!) with a bit o' brad action. Tried Nicole's circle punch idea. Not sure I carry it off as well as she does, to be honest. Oh well.

I don't think I could possibly get much lazier than this!


  1. I had somehow missed your post about making the table-runner. It's beautiful. I've been feeling a little hankering for sewing lately, something other than patching. My poor old machine (given to me by my parents for my 20th birthday) will no longer zig-zag though which is somewhat limiting! Maybe another trip to town is in order.
    PS. I know nothing of scrapping, but your pages always look very simple and clean to me.

  2. I love the simplicity of your pages. They are so clean.I don't think it makes you a lazy scrapper. Sometimes I think it is harder to leave the space than not.

  3. Looks great and if Nicole can do it then you can too (but secretly she has those clean and simple lines with brads down pat doesn't she!!)


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