Monday, June 18, 2012

the weekend that was...

Its been a whole week between posts, but geez, we've been busy. And sick. Funny how the two seemed to coincide...If you follow my instagram feed you will have noticed the fascinating shots coming in as we travelled to Blackall, a wee five hours drive to our south, to celebrate my brothers wedding.

Getting sicker, the WHOLE family, by the hour, we arrived there and after some rather annoying muck up with our booking at the caravan park (we were not alone, apparently the pressure of peak tourist season and 170 odd extra bushies descending from mostly northern parts was a bit much to handle for more than one accommodation establishment in the town, but never fear no one went without a bed) found ourselves setting up camp at the showgrounds.

On more than one occasion over the past week I had really wondered what sort of sanity made me decide it would be a good idea to take the camper trailer. Non the less camp we did, and fortunately it wasn't too cold.

Saturday came around and the kids were VERY excited. Saturday was one of running here and there and being places at the right time, whilst also being mother, photographer's backstop and also sister of the groom (ie trying to look like I had not just thrown on my dress and arrived with tyres squealing and like the windows had been down at the same time, you know that sort of hair do!)

There was lots of family and friends there to celebrate, and the benefit of marrying a girl that spent her childhood in the same district is that one knew most of the people there, even if you hadn't seen them for years. Sadly being photographers offsider meant that I didn't get a lot of time to catch up, and by the time that was done, thanks to the flu, I was knackered!

Anyhow, the weather was gorgeous, the kids well behaved (and not all sad and flu droopy, thanks to mum allowing them to inhale sugar for the day!) and the happy couple finally married! Here is a little pictorial story of the day....

IMG_4013WIMG_4048WThe little girl was the bride's niece.  And I might be biased, but doesn't my boy just look so CUTE in his suit!

IMG_4054Wmy girls LOVED their dresses....the other little girl in the middle is the brides youngest sister (who looks just like the bride at the same age)

IMG_4059WThe bride's dad made the big timber archway. There was much talk of how to get the large, very very heavy thing home.

IMG_4061WIMG_4140W      IMG_4443W

that scant few minutes of perfect golden afternoon/evening light was put to good use... IMG_4438W


IMG_4475Wthe groomsmen may have taken a bit to manage, somewhat like a bunch of unruly school boys (just harder to control!) prone to doing their own thing and striking odd poses....

IMG_4495W fun was had...with varying degrees of hilarity!

IMG_4482WLOVE that afternoon light!

IMG_4514W I now have a new sister in law!

And you will be pleased to know, thanks to Murphy and his laws, we (the whole fam-dam-il woke Sunday morning feeling SO much less flu-ey. 24 hours earlier would have been nice, but oh well, you can't win them all!


  1. Everyone looks so happy and it looks like wonderful day Sharon - despite the ill health!
    Your young man is utterly gorgeous ... not to be outdone by his big sisters though!

  2. Looks like another great day for the Sharon clan. I like the groomsman's socks.

  3. Sharon, those photos are just dynamite. Isn't that Wintry afternoon golden light just perfect for photography.
    The kids look absolutely fabulous, and how about the grin on that groom's face. Looks like the proverbial cat.
    So sorry to hear you weren't well, spoils a good time doesn't it.
    Was thinking of you over the weekend, undoubtedly you're pleased to be back home.


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