Tuesday, June 19, 2012

some of the finer details


Mel took the above photo, I just love it...

IMG_3861Chelsea and anyone else that wandered past made a truckload of tissue paper pom poms for the decorations. Cheap and easy, apart from the smaller ones, which sent us half silly....

IMG_3918you can only tell they are not real flowers on close inspection...

IMG_4176the little girls carried lollipops instead of flowers :) (proving to be very tempting throughout the day!)

IMG_4254heh heh

IMG_4267  IMG_4293her great grandmothers watch.


IMG_4492allright, that is enough of that, I promise. Moving on. Sports Day this week. That'll be a big contrast, won't it!


  1. I like that shot of the watch, getting good photos of watches and jewelry is difficult.

  2. Lovely photos and ones from the previos post too..hope you are feeling better now.


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