Sunday, June 3, 2012

the show

I know you are eagerly awaiting a report on our local agricultural show. So here it is...despite the wet weather and looming clouds we booted up and headed in (white linen pants not being on the list of wardrobe choices for the day!) I had a busy morning sorting out the neighbours animals (they were away) and having not one but TWO smokos with visitors, so it was just after lunch by the time we got to town. Judging by the crowd, or lack thereof, no one else was in a rush much to be there either.

IMG_0897Gosh, I love these outstanding photos for the family album. Hats were really just an accessory, what sun came through was very watery and momentary.  (it wasn't even high UV glary sort of day) (and here's one of me, taken by Georgie, just to show I was indeed there - using the charming backdrop inside the toilet block. As you can see, I refrained from tucking my jeans inside my top boots)


First stop, the arts and crafts pavilion (firstly checking on the chook displays) the kids were eager to see if they had gotten any prizes.

IMG_0903Big girl got first and champion on her section with some sewing she had done with her granny, a little trinket box.

IMG_0904Boy got a rosette too, finally showing some of his mothers genetics and a eye for photography, submitted from school.

Daughter #2 missing out on rosette action, but scoring much more prize money with consistent placings and firsts in her submitted work from home and school (her collection getting a second).


IMG_0901 IMG_0906 IMG_0905 

IMG_0912 IMG_0907

Entries in the fruit, veges and photography were well supported, as well as quilting although the rest of the arts and crafts section was lower in numbers, which may be why I ended up getting Senior Champion for Scrapbooking with my four entries!

IMG_0916was pleased with the teal rosette, its my favourite colour at the moment.

We then headed down that wallet draining section of the show, Sideshow Alley.  The rainy weather may have also contributed to the low number of rides etc, but of course the Dodgems were there. The girls went together (very bad drivers) and then Angus and I went...the longest dodgem ride of my life. I really Do Not Like them, hating being hit from behind with a passion (as does my back) hence we hugged the outside minimising our hits. Not totally unavoidable and I have to say I took some pleasure rear ending some wicked boys (their mother is a masseuse, drumming up business much?!) who had done the same to us.

IMG_0920Tuned beforehand that they only got one ride if they wanted a showbag (another wallet draining exercise) they rushed off to choose one and then whined for food on regular intervals afterwards, as we wandered and chatted the rest of the afternoon away.

IMG_0926  IMG_0927

(beautifully decorated and fitted out RM Williams shop truck, from which I did not purchase anything. Husband was pacing outside in fear)



(yes, that is daughter #2 riding the mechanical bull. She has been wanting to for AGES)



And of course, the fireworks that we weren't going to stay for, where spectacular, and wasn't I lucky to get THAT photo on my point and shoot?!!

IMG_0952and this last one cracks me up. Can you hear the ahhhs and the ooohs coming from the kids.

And that concludes our show outing for twenty-twelve.

PS. no rosette winning photos from this camp this year, although I did get a couple of firsts and placings. You don't really want to see them, do you?


  1. What a great day out! Love your shirt and the photo of the kids watching the fireworks - great action shot!

  2. I love that shirt too! You lucky buggars getting the big red truck!

  3. Great report thanks Sharon. We have an album full of those "stand beside the car while you're all clean" shots taken at local shows. Priceless. Sounds like you all had a great day in terms of prize-winnings ... bet the kids were excited.
    And I think it may be time you changed your profile pic again. That's a great shot of you.

  4. Well Sharon I win hands down. Our washed out show was far more washed out than your washed out show let me tell you. Non-stop rain all day on Saturday was the order of the day, but to their credit it did not stop the show jumpers who are a tough lot or just plain crazy.Hope your bad weather did not affect the gate takings too much.

  5. Go you scrapping Grand Champion...woohoo!!!


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