Monday, June 25, 2012

Sports Day

Friday was our small school's turn to host sports day (we have four other schools in our group, two other teeny one teacher schools and the Distance Ed outreach group of our district) and instead of using the grounds of the big school in town, we prepared our own oval.

Bear in mind when I say "oval" I really mean paddock out the back of the school that has been slashed, graded and dragged to get a smooth (ish) dirt running track. We held a working bee on the Wednesday to mark the lines (the old fashioned way, with string line, tape measure, bags of lime and a hand held wheelie marking thing). Now I wouldn't say the lines are dead straight, done by hand and all, but lines they are and distances correct after much head scratching, hilarity and many laps around the oval with the old click click wheeled measuring thing. (some people aren't good at keeping count...299, 300, 301, oh sh*t what was I up to?!...but that wasn't me, I was one of the dodgy tape measure holders).

Kids don't care about lines however. They had a great day.

IMG_4527Even though they don't seem too enthused about the March Pass!

IMG_4546He runs with enthusiasm if not style :)

IMG_4561and these two inherited their fleetness of foot from their mother (as in none)...mind you the one on the right can run fast if she doesn't think so hard about it!

IMG_4625Hi-jump was fun to photograph!

IMG_4622I'm pretty sure she didn't clear this jump!  Despite her long legs, she hasn't quite gotten them co-ordinated at this stage in her life, again getting her athletic ability from her mother!

Long jump was fun too.

IMG_4639(despite the appearance of much airspace here, he didn't actually jump that far in distance!) watching the little kids do their thing is utterly hilarious, entertaining and frustrating at the same time.  My brother in law had to walk away from his fairy princess daughter prancing through every (yes every) event...

IMG_4630and doing long jump with two feet from the line (but with a smile on her face!)

We ended the day with ball games, presenting of trophies (two of mine bringing home age champion, but don't get too excited, their age group wasn't overflowing with kids, however all three kids participated with enthusiasm in every event, which is what matters most ultimately!) and dragging home three very tired kiddies.


It was a small, intimate sort of sports day, and I think hosting it at "home" made it more so, with parents and children alike enjoying the day.  There was even a parent/teacher/student relay, which sadly I missed watching, at the time busily adding up points and the like in my official capacity of chief score adder-upperer. Since that relay, The Husband has done nothing but moan and ask if he has mentioned to me his sore calf muscles/legs. Heh heh. Its been a while since he's run that far :-)

Sports Day 2012, done and dusted.


  1. What ... did he run the marathon?! ;-)
    School sports are so different and yet, remarkably the same by comparison to ours. Kids are kids at the end of the day!

  2. Miss the bushie stuff, but Old Di and I did some townie stuff on Saturday night. Check out Fiona's Blog.

  3. looks fantastic, great photos and love the atmosphere


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