Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a page...

I've not been sharing many pages here lately, figuring that if you wanted to see that sort of thing you would be visiting the collaborative blog at Simple Aussie Girls.


But I like this page, and I like this photo, one that neither Mel or I took, but one of the other guests (possibly with a lens that is worth nearly as much as my car! maybe I exaggerate, just slightly, but I sighted a lens at the wedding that made me feel slightly inferior and wondering if the owner was a paparazzi on holidays!)

Who knows what my boy and his little friend Maggie (my new sister in law's niece, would then then make Maggie and Angus cousins in law?!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find the government gave me a little surprise cash infusion (don't be fooled that its working Julia, we are really not that silly or easily persuaded to forget what a bloody mess you and your mates have made, but I'll take some of my money back without arguing, thanks!) and am deciding whether to get all reckless and upgrade the old camera....

We'll see what The Husband has to say when he gets around to a little light blog reading, I suppose!


  1. Lovely page, lovely photo, lovely doily ... the whole lot is beautiful!

    Funy you should comment about seeing lenses ... I was at a kinder function a couple of years ago and one of the Dads came with his photog equipment ... well, I am sure I had to lift my chin from the ground - it was SERIOUS stuff, and he wasn't a professional. He did make an awesome end of year DVD for us all so I dare say he was a serious amateur.

  2. Love this page, love the bush kids, love the ANZAC Day, love the cattle noise, love the Hugenden ladies at the Ball and the races, love it, love it, love it.Got the message?

    1. OK Old Nev, thanks for the support ;-)more exciting outings and tidbits coming your way, soonish, I promise. Tis only for your reading pleasure that I manage to get out and about with my camera!

    2. Oh yeah, forgot I also love the river and the fishing and the camping, actually, what's not to love. Cheers.

  3. great photo and great page.....

  4. Well, I may be slightly miffed but not entirely surprised if Old Nev drives past my gate to have coffee with you Sharon. I could be wrong but I think he may be angling for an invitation on a fishing trip!
    Absolutely love your page by the way. The colours, the photo, the fonts, the lovely touch the doily gives it. Great job.


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